North Quay Marine Dayboats are sized from 15ft to 19ft. They are all easily handled on and off a trailer.
The hull shapes are evocative of 18th Century naval cutters and gigs and have an easily driven shape with a fine entry having the transom tucked up. Reserve buoyancy in the hull will make for a very stiff vessel able to stand up to her canvas. Plenty of sheer gives a jaunty appearance and helps to keep the crew dry. The rig offers plenty of sail area for light conditions or a good thrash with a heavy crew.

The rig is a simple to use gaff rig with a cutter option on the 19 footer. The outboard engine fits well under the aft deck to protect from ropes and damage. Watertight chambers are formed to afford plenty of reserve buoyancy if the boat should be swamped. The twin cockpits are laid out to enable three large adults to enjoy the cruise or with everything to hand for a single-hander.

The ease of handling and reefing a gaff sail together with the traditional appearance works well with the hull shape. The masts are approximately the same length as the hulls to facilitate trailing the craft with safety. The bowsprit "unplugs" and everything stows on board
The use of Cedar Epoxy lends itself to economical series production with the possibility of some customisation.
Using the latest technology any design can be produced in-house allowing the maximum degree of flexibility in layout and even hull shape whilst ensuring safety and stability are not compromised.

The Cedar and Epoxy construction has been proved to be stronger, more repairable and user friendly than both traditional timber and GRP. The finishes used offer a very high level of U/V and scratch resistance.
This construction can take a beating. One of The NQM 19 footers broke adrift in a storm and was carried on to a stone faced sea wall. She remained there for 2 tides being battered onto the stones by the waves. The damage was limited to the penetration of the sheathing in a multitude of places and two holes through planks. None of the planks split and no detachment of the planking from the frames occurred.


"When first climbing aboard, my impression was of a much larger boat..."

"She certainly fulfilled the 'of smart appearance' part of her brief with the shapely yet functional hull and appealing sheer line."

"The NQ19 will tow happily behind a medium to large family car."

"The NQ19 inspires a confidence which would make her ideal as a gaff rig trainer."

"She showed her easy manoeuvrability under sail when we picked up the buoy on the first pass."

"That handy canopy creates a genuinely instant cabin, a definite bonus, I feel, to family sailing when the little ones need to snuggle down under cover when the parents insist on sailing on and on."

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